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      Lincat Silverlink 600 Fan Assisted Electric Oven V6/FD
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      confused, but happy.
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      Southampton have lost three successive league matches for the first time since November and December of last year.
      They last lost four straight Premier League games between August and September 2012, the opening matches of their return to the top flight.
      Saints are the only club not to drop any points from a winning position in the Premier League this season.
      Southampton have conceded seven goals in their last four league matches, having kept clean sheets in each of the previous four
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      "What the farmer doesn’t know, he doesn’t eat.”
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      “I have absolutely no sympathy for Southampton. They have a choice as a club. They don’t have to sell. They had that choice. Maybe Southampton’s objectives have changed. They were on course to be a *Champions League club, I believe, but, obviously, that has changed"

      Brendan Rodgers, Aug'14
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      1 Chelsea 10 15 24
      No Movement 2 Southampton 10 16 22
      No Movement 3 Man City 9 9 17
      No Movement 4 West Ham 10 4 16
      No Movement 5 Arsenal 10 4 15
      No Movement 6 Swansea 10 3 15
      No Movement 7 Liverpool 10 0 14
      Moving up 8 Stoke 10 -1 14
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      Southampton's tally of 16 points from eight games is their highest in a top-flight season since 1983-84, when they earned 17 points at the same stage and went on to finish second.
      •The 8-0 win over Sunderland last weekend was their biggest margin of victory in a league match since December 1921, when they beat Northampton Town by the same score.
      •The Saints have the best penalty record of any team in the Premier League (53 taken, 51 scored).
      •Ronald Koeman has made the fewest substitutions in the Premier League this season (19).
      •Fraser Forster has the best saves to shots ratio of any first-choice goalkeeper in the top flight in 2014-15 (75%).
      •Dusan Tadic became the first player to provide four goal assists in a single Premier League game since Arsenal's Santi Cazorla against Wigan in May 2013. He is only the sixth player to assist four Premier League goals in a game (after Bergkamp, Reyes, Fabregas, Adebayor and Cazorla).
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      Heard the joke about Luke Shaw, Adam Lallana, Rickie Lambert, Dejan Lovren, Mauricio Pochettino and the Titanic?

      They should never have left *Southampton. Boom, boom.

      And how about the Dutchman who inherited a mess with star players leaving and another mid-table finish the best he can hope for? But that’s enough about Louis van Gaal.
    18. ----HistoryRepeating----
      Alderwerield > Chambers
      Gardos > Lovren
      Bertrand > Shaw
      Tadic > Lallana
      Pelle > Lambert

      Well done Kat, that's money where the mouth is.
    19. ----HistoryRepeating----
      The can we trust the Kruger list.
      - I never met my predecessor, but I do believe what is important is the extremely strong infrastructure
      - The club has had this infrastructure for decades now
      - We will have new players to put into our line-up
      - Look at the opportunity given to Luke Shaw also, he wouldn't have got that at many other Premier League clubs
      - We're looking to use our funds to create a deeper and stronger roster
      - I believe we will also see a few more names grow out of our academy and into our first team this season
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      - We've made it very clear, he's not for sale
      - What matters now at Saints is how we are looking against Liverpool
      - Morgan will be there for Liverpool - (when asked specifically if Morgan will be in our matchday squad against Liverpool)
      - Jay is also a definite centre-piece
      - But he still has months of rehab and we look forward to rehabilitating him
      - What has happened, has happened
      - I don't need to discuss that
      - We are going to retain Jay Rodriguez and Morgan Schneiderlin
      - We look forward to building our new-look side around those two
      - We want to be a difficult team to play against
      - Our aspirations are to grow the club into Europe
      - This is a step-by-step process
      - The process must occur at all levels
      - We did not feel this was in place when we arrived
      - We had to make some payments
      - We now have a strong sum that gives us an opportunity to reinvest in the club
      - We are not going to rush
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    The glorious South
    Self employed
    Southampton manager Ronald Koeman has urged the club's board to prove its ambition as he prepares for talks about a new contract this week.

    The Dutchman, 53, guided Southampton to their highest Premier League points total of 63 thanks to the 4-1 victory over Crystal Palace on Sunday.

    Koeman's contract at St Mary's runs until the summer of 2017.

    "It's one thing speaking about ambition and the second is to show it,"

    "It's all about trying to improve and to continue. And of course now the expectations will be higher than last season.

    "Last season was already a special one and to do even better than last year is incredible."


    Damned if you do, Bored if you don't........