The Spirit of Cricket?

Discussion in 'International Cricket' started by smhbcfc, Sep 6, 2015.

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    Mitchell Starc hurled the ball at the stumps from 14 yards away - Ben Stokes appeared to be taking evasive action and in doing so handled the ball.

    By one interpretation of the rule (the key word in it is intentionally) Stokes can be given out.

    However common sense tells you that he was protecting himself not the stumps.

    In my opinion Steve Smith has control of this situation - as captain he could have withdrawn the appeal. Maybe in the heat of battle you can forgive him for not doing so, but to stubbornly continue with the "I was right" line after the game, only tarnishes his reputation.

    At some point in the future he will sit down and regret not doing that.

    The Spirit of Cricket is an important part of the fabric of the game - Mr Smith put a dent in it at Lords yesterday.

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    Yep. Steve Smith had control of that.

    English man Eoin Morgan handled the situation with great grace. A true English gentleman.
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    The problem here is that the only person who knows if it was intentional
    is Ben Stokes.
    My first reaction after it happened was OUT (deliberate movement towards the ball)
    Further viewings in slow mo etc only convinced me he was OUT.
    The umpires are there to give their opinion on the evidence available,
    and did so.If we are not going to trust the umpires the game is dead.

    Lets not get onto Smith for appealing.Its a Pro game and they all
    want to win.(remember Broad not walking when caught at slip)

    99% of the time the game is played in the correct way,
    and as Stokes has said "lets move on"
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    ^ I agree

    I don't know if it was intentional, but the 3rd umpire was right to conclude from the footage that it appeared to be. Stokes moved his hand away from his body to almost catch the ball heading for his stumps. Instinctive reaction? Yes, but to instinctively protect his stumps, not his body; the ball was nowhere near him.

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