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    Striated battery is where you hear a lot of competitive for them to you I look fantastic now again as he's breathing out he's exhaling althea air he can't and he's got a Prolong Male Enhancement knife play the abdominal and the three of them here we are again I like bringing out the attention to that because that if not easy thing yep alright from here will go into the final polls which is called the most muscular both now watch the athlete as the go-ahead and he displays his physique in a position where he feels he looks the most muscular there are variations of the most muscular knows how would you feel if into the second vote here alright so you have a little bit of freedom in terms of what poses you want to do for your most muscular if you feel like this look best you can do this you feel like a poll just watched over the theft you can do that as well so I also do want to highligh.

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