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Premier League chief executive role..who wants it

Discussion in 'Queens Park Rangers' started by kiwiqpr, Dec 30, 2018.

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    May 11, 2011
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    Susanna Dinnage changes mind on Premier League chief executive role
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    By Dan Roan
    BBC sports editor
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    Dinnage wants to stay in broadcasting at Discovery
    The Premier League says its prospective new chief executive, Susanna Dinnage, has told the organisation she will not be taking up the position.
    Dinnage was named as the replacement for the Richard Scudamore in November and was supposed to take up the role early in 2019.
    "The committee has reconvened its search and is talking to candidates," said a Premier League statement.
    "There will be no further comment until an appointment is made."
    Dinnage was supposed to join from media organisation Discovery, where she was the global president of the Animal Planet channel.
    However, she had reflected on the role in recent weeks and informed the Premier League that she had decided that she wanted to stay in broadcasting at Discovery.
    She apparently had not given a precise start date as she had a long notice period to serve.
    The Premier League is comfortable with acting chief executive Richard Masters and interim chair Claudia Arney continuing for longer as they resume their search.
    Prior to joining Discovery in January 2009, Dinnage worked for 10 years at Channel Five and she started her career at MTV.

    must be more money in tv
    did the prem teams not pay scudamore his parachute payment then
: like kiwi

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