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    Here are some interesting facts I know about Scottish men’s football. I would like to pass on these facts.

    Player to have played for the most clubs while being a Scotland international ?

    Kenny Miller 7 teams (Rangers, Wolves, Celtic, Derby, Bursaspor, Cardiff, Vancouver)

    Player to have played for clubs from the most countries while playing for Scotland? Kenny Miller, 5 countries (Scotland, England, Turkey, Wales and Canada.)

    One thing that bores me about Scottish football is that when you look who are our internationals have played for it is almost entirely Scottish and English league players. I would love to see more players going to Italy, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Poland, France the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, the USA, Greece, Germany, the Ukraine, China, and India. That would be more fun to see our players making an impact outside the British Isles.

    First Scottish Player to have played for Intercontinental Championship winning side

    Scott Booth B Dortmund.

    Only saint to have played for Scotland?

    I St John.

    Surname to have produced most Scotland internationals up to end of 2013 - 2014 season.

    Thomson 17

    Robertson 16

    Wilson 15

    Smith 14 (+ 3 extra from Mackail - Smith, Naismith, Naysmith equalling 17)

    Brown 13

    Campbell 12

    Hamilton 10

    Stewart 10

    McLean 10

    Walker 9

    Miller 9

    Anderson 8

    Watson 7

    Ferguson 6

    Gray 7

    Marshall 7

    McPherson 7

    Johnstone 7

    Kennedy 7

    Jackson 6

    Hunter 5

    Black 5

    Murray 5

    Johnston 5

    Martin 5

    Scott 5

    Ritchie 5

    There were about 164 with the prefix Mc, and Mac Although I lost count on those as it hurt my eyes counting the number. So if someone else wants to count better than me they can. I do know though the most successful Mc is the McLaren surname.

    My fellow Smiths need to do more for Scottish football with more internationals. We should be way ahead of everyone. Although we have produced a lot of good Scottish mangers like Walter and Alex.

    Of players with the most common surnames for Scotland, the top goal scoring player is Kenny Miller with 18 goals. Followed by Mo Johnston on 14, and Davie Wilson and J Robertson on 8.

    So having a common name does not bode particularly well for scoring lots of goals.

    Why is this?

    You would expect the greatest player in Scottish football to be a Smith, Thomson, Robertson, or Wilson. And at least a Mc or a Mac, but in my view the best Scottish internationals since WW2 are Law, Leighton, Dalglish, Souness, and Bremner. Quite rare surnames.

    The best Mc or Mac is in my view Alex McLeish.

    Although with mangers the best are probably Jock Stein, Alex Ferguson, Bill Shankly, Matt Busby Jim Mclean, and Craig Brown.

    Brown and Ferguson are the only common surnames amongst them.

    Perhaps if Scotland played more people with the surname Leighton, Law, Dalglish, Souness and Bremner we would have won the World Cup by now.
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