McInnes Got The Job

Discussion in 'St Johnstone' started by ibodyslamrhinos, Oct 19, 2011.

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    Hi Saints Fans

    Woke up to the news that you have lost your manager this morning by the looks of it. How do you feel about him taking the job?

    He was by far and the way the best candidate out of the applicants linked with the job, he has done immensely well for your club to put you where you are now. Young, Scottish Pedigree, and an obvious natural leader in his field it seems, going by his playing career, and has taken that into his managerial attributes.

    So what is his strong points, and weak points? Do YOU think he can take us forward? We have a very very wealthy owner, but he has sadly poured cash into our club with little return, supplying an inept manager with too much money to waste on cart horses and [email protected] So hopefully there will be money for him there? Does he favour academy players, as in does he like to bring through youth? What style of football does he play, and what formation does he prefer?

    Thanks saints

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