International football.

Discussion in 'World Cup 2014' started by geitungur akureyrar, May 30, 2012.

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    Jan 24, 2011
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    There is an area for international cricket international ruby union and international rugby league. Why is there not one for proper international football? Not all the contributors are interested in the regions of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland.

    I think this area will finish when the EM is ended.
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    Sep 24, 2011
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    Allthough i know this started out as a replacement of BBC's 606, it would be cool if the moderators took notice of the amount of users from outside the UK and Ireland.
    For example, make seperate sections for France, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Russia and Spain. If not606 would cover these aswell that about 95% of this EC is covered. With match threads to keep it alive. I'd sign up to cover the Dutch matches if needed!

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