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    Dundee United chief Stephen Thompson distances club from fans' trust complaint over sectarian singing at Rangers match

    DUNDEE UNITED owner Stephen Thompson last night moved to distance his club from the controversial statement issued by the ArabTrust this week.

    The fans' group complained to the SPL, SFA and Tayside Police about alleged sectarian singing during Rangers' 4-0 win at Tannadice on Tuesday.

    The move has inflamed tensions following UEFA's decision to charge Rangers for outlawed chanting during the recent European matches against PSV Eindhoven.

    Now the Light Blues could face playing behind closed doors in European competition next season and have away fans banned from travelling.

    Thompson is dismayed at the ArabTrust for their comments and is understood to have contacted both Rangers and the SPL yesterday to stress the fans' group were not speaking on behalf of his club.

    Last night, he slapped down the ArabTrust board and believes the authorities are working to eradicate the sectarian problem.

    He said: "I am aware of what ArabTrust have said. "They are entitled to whatever view they want to have but they do not represent Dundee United. "ArabTrust are not speaking on behalf of the football club. "We've a good relationship with Rangers and all clubs are working hard to eradicate sectarianism."

    If the SPL receive any official complaint from either the ArabTrust, Dundee United or Tayside Police about the incident they would then collate information from all relevant parties including the match commander from the game at Tannadice. If it's deemed either club has broken their "unacceptable conduct" rules, the matter would then be referred to the SPL board to consider possible disciplinary action.


    I have no idea what Thomson is playing at, honestly.
    He says ""We've a good relationship with Rangers and all clubs are working hard to eradicate sectarianism."

    Ignoring an issue raised by some of your own fans is hardly "working hard to eradicate sectarianism" is it?

    Why did he feel compelled to make such statements at this time?

    A misguided attempt to lay off Rangers a bit in light of the upcoming UEFA investigation perhaps? If so then he is doing none of us any favours. Apparently Celtic fans were singing "ooh Ah up the Ra" on Wednesday night, if so, then I would have had no poblem whatsoever had Killie fans complained because it is now time that everyone had a right to air their complaints.

    Thomson seems to be under some sort of mistaken belief that the ArabTrust are "Grassing up" Gers fans and he does not like it, and yet it has often been suggested that the only way to tackle sectarianism is by "self policing". It has become all to apparent that that idea is pie in the sky because some fans follow the same logic as Thomson, it is in fact a totally misguided logic.

    The only people who have the power to stop these songs/chants are opposition fans, they can do that by complaining about them. I know some will argue that this will lead to false/misguided accusations from opposing fans but as every game is either on TV or Radio, the sound recording could be listened to afterwards and guilt or innocence established from that source.
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