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Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by BrightLampShade, Dec 27, 2011.

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    It seems some members have pushed their luck. In return you get reminded of the (now updated) house rules. Please follow them if you wish for this forum to succeed:


    A while ago we had the house rules up, they were taken down as the forum was going well so we assumed things could just run their course. Since we have a lot of new traffic here I've decided to repost the rules for the remainder of the season.

    Firstly Not606 is a Fresh Start for everyone. This means any grievances you may have with other members should be left at the door. So far everyone has been given a fresh start and this has allowed our forum to grow healthily. Insulting fellow Not606'ers is not welcome here and any insulting posts will be removed. If you are unable to post without insulting members then you will be shown the door.

    House rules:

    -Play nice! Try and be civil to everyone
    -Respect everyone's opinions even if you disagree
    -Please avoid personal insults ### Any post with an insult towards another member, regardless of its quality, will be removed ###
    -No WUM articles (See definition below)
    -No accusing people of being WUMs or Trolls just because their opinion differs to yours.
    -Where you make heavy use of material from elsewhere, please say where it came from.
    -No Spam posting - meaning repeatedly posting the same content, making multiple threads, or repeatedly advertising a website/service
    -Refrain from posting new threads when an existing thread covers the same topic.
    -No Racism or other forms of discrimination
    -No slanging matches with other users. Either report them or Ignore them!

    Wum Articles

    A WUM article is any article aimed at provoking a reaction from other users of the forum. Any article containing attacks on an individual, whether a figure in the sport or forum member, is a WUM article. To avoid this, when stating something controversial, please make sure you use some sort of reasoning and logic, ideally with some facts.

    On breaking the rules:

    Every case will be viewed independently by all 3 mods.

    The ignore function:

    Sometimes there will be someone who you simply can not see eye to eye with. Debate is always good but sometimes a line can be crossed without the house rules being broken. There is a way round this!
    Click on the persons profile and then under their avatar you can press "add to ignore list". This will make all of their comments invisible to you like they where never there.
    Ignore list
    Of course if you feel a member is being problematic then a message to a Mod could also be advisable.

    Play nice folks!
    and remember, Any post with an insult towards another member, regardless of its quality, will be removed

    Off Topic
    The dedicated off-topic board is for discussing any non-F1 related matters, and is also where all forum games are ran.

    The site has a built in function to aid with the reduction of spam. Essentially this means that if one of your first ten posts has a link in it (www. etc) it will be hidden from other users. Once you have 11 posts feel free to point links to articles, video's etc.

    [These rules were drawn up by our members for our members]​
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    Brief update on site rules from the supermods:

    I don't think any of that is going to have much impact on this board, but I wouldn't want people to risk bans because they weren't aware of the change in stance.
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