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    From in up well up ok up your return trip up welcome to stack them up this game is all about balance ha magnets have a wave making everything stick together deep careful ice blocks me everything slipper up avoid the fire it'll burn all your blog up just text trip by week up for a moment Mildred balancing frightening alright what are your results that's great stick with it and you candor even better let me ask him asking how great well welcome to jump rope get ready for a cardio challenge to start playing put your hands up to your side like you’re holding a jump around called thing breath pageant scanning click here way you can jump three them key scored night of enough jumping break here I hunts not those carried out in I'll then ok mom alone you lap in the new I'll ok that's better in welcome to wall greater if you're in alighting mood you've enduros testo booster come to the right place up well up group work went across your body up group well up home well up well okay and after striking turned out I out there and paws smasher calories to send them ok well ok in stay focused we're going to do all the moves we’ve learned start with a few quick dodges price into the top spot start slow patched type thanks yep hot shift fun now let's go hi fast thank you good quick guide into foster's card start few held Hawks park %uh yeah pop hi ready of be hang in there yes keep going herself back right great nice heart hi night.
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