Doncaster vs Aston Villa 1956 cup marathon

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    Hello Doncaster fans. I'm writing a short piece for my website on Doncaster's defeat of First Division Aston Villa in the cup in 1955. And would like to hear from Donny fans who have any annecdotes in regard to the series of games. The tie kicked off with a goalless draw at Belle Vue on fourth round day, January 29th without any goals. The replay at Villa Park four days later was a cracker that ended 2-2 after extra time. Five days later the sides still couldn't be split after five and a half hours of Football. The fourth attempt came a week later at Hillsborough and again moved into extra time when the ref abandoned the game shortly before the end with no goals scored. The two teams met again 24 hours later and yet again ninety minutes couldn't settle it. Finally, in extra time, with nearly nine and a half hours of Football having been played, Alick Jeffrey scored his second goal of the game to settle it 3-1. 17,155 people were there to see it. Jeffrey was still at this time looking all set to be the latest addition to the famed Busby Babes before his badly broken leg killed the deal and yet ironically spared him the Munich air disaster.

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