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Discussion in 'Aberdeen' started by Fyvie's Ginger Bits, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Mar 12, 2011
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    I know this is hugely premature after the dire second half performance on Saturday but it's a quiet day and I'll ask it anyway......

    What do you think of the Semi-Final draw?

    After the results against Celtic this season it was inevitable that we were going to draw them!

    I for one feel confident that if they sneak past Caley we can beat them and I'll tell you of averages! If we play them enough times we'll win one, won't we? Surely?

    Right then, where did I put that whisky?
  2. Psychosomatic

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    Feb 22, 2011
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    I feel a bit deflated by the draw, actually. I would love for Aberdeen to (finally) get to another final – and I would have felt fairly confident that they might have beaten any of the other teams left in the draw – but now I see little hope of them doing so. Anyone but Celtic. Anyone.

    It’s incredibly hard to feel upbeat about Aberdeen’s chances when you see how Celtic have dealt with them this season – and I’m not just talking about the 9-0 annihilation. (I publicly predicted a draw for that match, incidentally, and was quite mouthy with it. I’m very used to being made to look stupid, right enough – it just happens so often – but that was still a bit of a stinger.)

    Both teams appear to go into these games believing there will only be one winner. They have the hex on us. We’re utterly doomed. (The team will appreciate my steadfast support, for sure.)

    Ach. I don't know. There is a (historic) relentlessness to Celtic that seems specifically designed to swamp and destroy struggling teams – and we’re still a struggling team, no matter the near miraculous levels of improvement under Craig Brown. Like I say, doomed.

    The sheer wonder of these things, however, is that if we beat St. Mirren and meet Celtic in the semi-final, I'll suddenly start to believe that it may somehow be possible - against some very significant odds and flying in the face of all recent history - to actually beat them.

    (I wonder if Celtic will get past Caley, though? That game has "cup upset" written all over it. Here's hoping.....)
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    I'm sure I posted an nonsesical reply titled ICT v Brechin in the final or similar yesterday.

    Can believe it got modded - not on not606; so can only conclude I'm going bonkers. :headbang: Help anybody?

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