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    I think I'm way overdue revisiting some of the very early posts which went over some of the rules we had stated.

    New Threads - please be mindful when starting a new thread. Scroll down the first page to see if there is already an open discussion on the same subject. Should you not realise there already was, then myself or A4L will merge the two together so the forum doesn't look cluttered. Please don't feel insulted if your thread is merged, but if you do think it should be re-opened then PM either of us letting us know why and we can consider re-opening it.

    Abusive language will now be deleted. Swearing is not prohibited, but if aimed at another poster, then again it will be deleted. Should you find a message being deleted you will have a message in your inbox stating why. Again, you can feel free to question it and we will listen.

    Interaction - I still believe the forum runs best when all are given a fair and equal footing to post their thoughts. But please, take consideration to those around you, and be mindful of what you post may well upset another. Likewise, if you don't agree with a certain individual and feel compelled to, we do have an Ignore feature which results in all of their future posts not being visible to you. (this can be found by clicking the the posters name and under their site picture).

    Bans - if any of the above are found to be broken, then individuals will receive a warning via private message. Should it not be taken seriously then a short ban of between 24-72 hours will be placed. There are capabilities for an IP address ban, but whether its that or a temporary measure, this is a last resort. Before any ban, you will have the chance via a private message to let us know if you disagree with anything.

    With that said, the forum is usually a place of good-humored conversations in regards to all things Charlton Athletic. But I ask that we now respect the rules and each other <ok>
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