Smug in Boots
Jan 27, 2011
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Rushmoor Surrey
Property manager

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Smug in Boots

Well-Known Member, from Rushmoor Surrey

    1. Wackyjacky
      Hiya mate, was talking to Crosby FTM on RTG and he said you had a spare for Satda at Lincoln. Is it still spare? Cheers.
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    2. Sidthemackem
      Hi Smug. If you can still get tickets at this 11th hour let me know. The bloke with the VIP tickets looks like he's letting me down ATM. Best, Sid
    3. Sidthemackem
      Hi Smug

      Yeah, waiting to see what transpires when the mag muppets invade. You'd hope some would take it as a second chance not to be total twats, but you just know, deep down, what's really going to go happen.

      Went to Palace in the end. Great it was anarl :)

      Pip pip & enjoy Everton
    4. Smug in Boots
      Smug in Boots
      Up on Sunday for the match.

      Train to Newcastle and into town for noon, Victory at 12.30 and back after for celebratory drinks.

      Friends & foes all welcome ......... drinks for the former, ambulance for the latter <ok>

      4 tickets for Leicester away, train down first thing and drinking in town all day.
    5. Smug in Boots
      Smug in Boots
      Hi Allan
      Yes mate, me and Graham are driving up from Mansfield and will be in town around 6.30.
      We can meet you at the CT again, Tony's having a pint with us.
      All the best Neville
    6. MrRAWhite
      Hi mate..
      If you are coming up for the game on Monday night, I can get hold of some tickets from work again, this time for the South Stand..Just give me a shout if you want any..

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    Rushmoor Surrey
    Property manager
    Born at Allendale Cottages. Used to be a Geordie but had my membership revoked by John Hall when he change the T&C's.


    I like supporting Sunderland, it's good fun <ok>