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Apr 12, 2013
Apr 22, 2011
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Apr 12, 2013
    1. BrightLampShade
      Welcome back to the mad house!
    2. cosicave
      Thanks for the message Mifune. Not had time to watch the vids yet but will do so soon. I watched the docking live on the penultimate flight (Endeavour's last, which I posted some stills I took from the computer screen at the time).

      Thanks for telling me.
    3. WestCoastBoogaloo
      Excellent work my friend. I really enjoyed watching those!
    4. Prime Minister Cameron
      Prime Minister Cameron
      I have not cause any trouble yet, but if you have problems with me send them to my PM or tell a mod. I have apologised and we can move on without thinking about ban history. It's a fresh start.
    5. Forza Bianchi
      Forza Bianchi
      He keeps getting banned for silly reasons - multiple accounts, spamming the chat box, sending abusive message, trying to get me banned etc. It'd be great if he could **** off and ruin some other forum but they all ban him straight away.

      Twice I've been close to leaving Not606 because of his outbursts and the failure to effectively deal with him. The immature kid is only 13 years old, but even then it's difficult to imagine how anyone can be so ******ed.

      On a lighter note, have you heard his voice?
    6. Forza Bianchi
      Forza Bianchi
      Ever wondered what PMC does when he gets banned from this site?

      Apart from going completely mental, he also spends hours of his time trying to spam other sites.

      In two days he'll be back on here causing trouble, as usual.
    7. cosicave
      See Pits 2.0: The Bigger Picture. More to discuss if you're interested.

    8. Masanari
      I am back! Been on holiday, damn missed the sweepstake! Nice to know my absence was noted :)
    9. genjigonzales
      What are you up to? You haven't posted in ages. You're missed.
    10. genjigonzales
      Only 3 places left on the Canadian GP Sweepstakes.
    11. cosicave
      Hi Mr Tambourine Man!

      I am probably wrong but I have a hunch I know you from somewhere else, in which case, if you're who I think you are, I'd like to tell you it's good to see you here. (And if you're not who I suspect, welcome anyway!)
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