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Probably won't answer PMs, from Isle of Man

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Sep 20, 2017 at 1:26 AM
    1. 1 up the bum No harm done
      1 up the bum No harm done

      I'm all for a bit of banter etc, but can you get the Spurs mod to remove the fake post he has put in the £30m Bale thread on the Spurs forum.

      He is an abusive & illiterate cock at best of times, but being allowed to create posts in another member's name (mine) is out of order.

    2. Proud Fox
      Proud Fox
      When are you going to change the background image on the leicester board. i have sent you a private message with the picture on that we want

    3. Drunk Nev
      Drunk Nev
      michael. ur teams pish
    4. UIR - Kagawa Powa
      UIR - Kagawa Powa

      needs IP banning, pain in the arse. 12 times syd banned him.

      You should have a few more admins Mick to help when you and syd are not about and you should let syd IP ban idiots like him above.....bridge of sighns and his 12 other names.

      No idea who though, someone you trust obviously if thats what you do.
    5. McGregor's McNuggets
      McGregor's McNuggets
      Hi Mick, wondering if you would be able to sort out a Hull City banner instead of the grass. Someone posted great tiger picture, maybe you could set up a newer vote to get the banner?
    6. connor wigham
      connor wigham
      Hello i was wondering if the wigan board can have a banner like the liverpool and I think sunderland are choosing one what do i need to do
    7. Hyperupdate
      This site might need some more Super Mods if more members come on the site :)
    8. dmc
      alrite ya bellend. Yer site has kinda exploded open eh, holy ****e where have all these users come from, and no rocket is sight haha.
    9. Hyperupdate
      Thanks for clearing that issue. I was sick of people babbling on about it on various forums. The solution you have now on global threads is a good idea <ok>
    10. Welcome to the North
    11. In Bruce I Trust
      In Bruce I Trust
      could you please explain rep points to me or point me to someone who can
    12. BrightLampShade
      Hi, pm'd you about some F1 board issues,

    13. u408379965
      Hey Mick, we (Newcastle fans) have a couple of requests. Firstly, we were wondering if you could change the status of people with more than 1000 posts from "Senior Member" to "Tribal Elder". Secondly, could we have the <erm> smiley back?

    14. Bergkamp a Dutch master
      Bergkamp a Dutch master
      After each msg view Chatbox returns. Yes you can use the sidebar slider to hide it - but can you make it a select item?
      pm'd ya there mate
    16. Hyperupdate
      Mick can I ask how do you view your rep? I want to see what feedback I get off people
    17. PISKIE
      Hello Mick

      Speaking with Syd, he said that you would amend my account to include Mod status as soon as poss. We have had some problems with wums / insults recently between Arsenal Man Utd board, I've PM'd a few members to ask to tone it down, everyone seems to be onside.

    18. spurs pensioner
      spurs pensioner
      mick how can i change my user name pls
    19. Sagegee
      Hey Mick just been on the Gunners board and they are carrying out a vote under the aegis of your senior mod siddy for more mods.
      Now when OLM stated he would carry out the Hull City mod responsibilities but with more members on the mod team it appears to have been refused. Could you clarify the position to me and/or post a "sticky" so the whole Tigers community know the position please?
    20. Roberto
      Hello Mick,

      Any chance you can make a board to discuss La Liga and Spanish football?

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