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District Line
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Aug 21, 2022
Apr 21, 2011
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District Line

Well-Known Member, from London

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Aug 21, 2022
    1. StanDMan
      Where are you DL?
      1. Patience likes this.
    2. crocarno

      I keep getting the following message: "System Message - Server load is too high so 'Guest' viewing has been temporarily disabled. Please register or log in to view the site. Logged In members never see this message."

      I am a member, I am logged in, but I do keep getting the message. Is there a general issue with the site?


    3. Mr Robert Heenan
    4. The Mighty Thor
      The Mighty Thor
      What do you think DL? Do you see why I've lost interest? No, I'm not back but I did respect your opinions and views on football.
    5. The Mighty Thor
      The Mighty Thor
      Hello DL how are you? I've decided that I've had enough of all sports including football both domestic and international so I will no longer be posting on 606. I'd like to thank you for that compliment you paid me by saying that I was one of your favourite posters, this was back in the summer when I went away for a couple of months. It was a nice thing to say and I didn't forget it. We all know deep down that all football supporters are the same regardless of which team we support, after all it's only a shirt for goodness sake and all Londoners for example are no different whether you come from n,s,e or west. I didn't mean a thing about what I posted about you,Drogs or Chelsea in general (apart from being lucky ie Albion last minute penalty) and I just wanted you to know that.

      I won't miss the site or sport as I've been following it a long time now and the interest has died. So thank you again and here comes the surprise. Best to you from Dawn Carleson(The Mighty Thor)
    6. King Ossie64
      King Ossie64
      No Probs DL <ok>
    7. NSIS
      Cheers, DL. I expect my stalker ( also known as Astroturd) will make sure I stay in the red. He seems to be rather upset about my changing his username. ;)
    8. AntdaMan
      Obsessed with man utd. One sad **** that deserves a good kicking.
    9. remembercolinlee
      <laugh> you just know he'll get pissed on the duty free before take off...get into an air rage attack mid flight...grope a stewardess...puke over the head of the person in front and then cry when arrested professing his love for you...ah bless him <laugh>
    10. remembercolinlee
      See you've bonded with Gunner be alright <laugh>
    11. remembercolinlee
      hope you enjoyed your latest trophy...at least this one didn't **** us over <laugh>
    12. remembercolinlee
      maybe he knew SAF was going so was feeling all hormonal <laugh>
    13. remembercolinlee
      see you've made a friend in robin the united fan <laugh>
    14. Spur of the Moment
      Spur of the Moment
      Thanks for the rep mate!!
      Just looking through some of your msgs below - seem to make some interesting friends!!! <whistle> lol
    15. Robin
      ****, why are you so obsessed with Man Utd?
    16. Lovearsenalcock
      sorry for the late reply..too stoned to sieve my way through some of the functions.....of course your rivals...just like WBA are :)
    17. remembercolinlee
      cos I am well versed in all things spurs...I laugh and we **** up...it's like night follows day...

      so I am in fact a complete COWARD! hahahahahahaha

      I leave the wumming for the masters that are Londons finest and HIAG
    18. Choc Ice
      Choc Ice
      Alright twat still supporting Chelsea then?
    19. Agent Bruce
    20. Erik
      Did you complain to the owner of the website?

      I "would of" (snigger, guffaw, chortle, etc).
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    It's probably the greatest name in the world: Chelsea? You think about it. It conjures up the best part of the biggest city in the world. Chelsea... It's magical

    - Kranjcar

    - Lizarazu

    - Mourinho


    Chelsea 2-1 Manchester City
    Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool
    Chelsea 3-1 Manchester United
    Manchester City 0-1 Chelsea
    Chelsea 1-0 Everton
    Chelsea 4-0 Tottenham Hotspur
    Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal
    Liverpool 0-2 Chelsea