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Jul 3, 2013
Sep 8, 2011
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Debuchy's Tooshie

Active Member, from Newcastle

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Jul 3, 2013
    1. Albert's Chip Shop
      Albert's Chip Shop
      He's out in Durham with the visitor apparently... which probably spells Alcohol.
    2. Albert's Chip Shop
      Albert's Chip Shop
      aww bless. I've been at work DT but have a hot date with him Saturday :)
    3. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      Some unscrupulous bastard neg repped you? If so, name the twat and he shall feel the force of my mega 266 on his lowly bar! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    4. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      Stop giving me pity views on my thread!!!
    5. Geordie lass in the Fen
      Geordie lass in the Fen
      I should have know it was a technical issue, DT hope you are well and have gotten over the post holiday blues
      Can be a bit of a shocker getting back to reality. At least we have the Footie, HTL.
    6. Geordie lass in the Fen
      Geordie lass in the Fen
      Thanks for being my new best friend, for a while there, l thought you did not like me ! Keep in touch HTL
    7. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      Stayed up cos I knew you'd not get to sleep.

      Just put on Lord of the rings and you'll be asleep in ten minutes!
    8. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      Yeah, although what state I'll be in by then who knows... :/

      Night night!

      Ditto <rose>
    9. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      I know, bless him. Once I've had my fill I'll leave him to talk to himself, always amusing.
      WUMs shouldn't be read into to much, they are just as likely looking for some banter as being disrespectful and idiotic. So have your fun and move on. If you want, go on their page and click the "add to ignore list", and you'll never see their posts.
    10. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      It's not an argument deary, welcome to the forum, it's what you call a "WUM" (wind-up-merchant). You know how I tease you to get a reaction? Well that's what some silly people do on the internet to get their kicks, because they can't get girlfriends! :P

      Just having some banter with him. Improves my comedy routines, so I love it. They are generally quite stupid, so it gets one sided!
    11. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      Look next time I post something. There are 4 bars. The first is blue and is under the titles "Newbie", "Senior Member" or "Moderator". It signals how much "experience" you've got on here. The one beneath is brown and signals how close you are to the next level (experience). The one below that is dark green, and signals how "active" you've been.

      The one made out of little round dark and light green things is a direct representative of rep give, and if you hover your mouse over it says stuff like "is on a distinguished road", "will be famous soon enough", and "has a reputation beyond repute".
      Unfortunately your "rep power" is broken and is at 0. AB will fix it I'm sure!
    12. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      <laugh> If you check the third bar which is dark green next to my posts, it should show you I'm not on here as often as most! :P
    13. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      Off to do some stuff now... Call you later :)

    14. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      No you don't... You're just reverting to feeling really self-conscious. Literally nobody gives a **** what I say, I just express my opinion because I like to. You at least have one person who'll always read your comments <rose>

      Post more often and you'll get more rep. Don't be afraid to make jokes or engage in banter either... even if you do like silly puns
    15. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      Hahaha I don't know how you've seemingly got so much rep, yet are still on 0 rep power... Makes no sense!

      You don't suck dear! You just need to be more confident and thick skinned. Nobody here is going to do anything to you if you disagree as long as you're respectful, and you're the most respectful person I know :)
      Look what I found>>><rose>
    16. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      Hi :) I love your imaginative username and the clear, stringent, no-nonesense approach to identity theft that it exposes...

      Also, I love you, inspite of whatever I post about you :P
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    Geordie Girl born and bred but my first home game was Arsenal 4-4! Hooked and am now into my second year of being a Season Ticket holder.
    Gallowgate Girl through and through now :)