Mar 12, 2011
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    1. WestCoastBoogaloo
      Inbox is free now <ok>
    2. WestCoastBoogaloo
      Haha, I feel very special!
    3. ApexF1
      Thanks for the comments Cosicave. I like writing about F1 Drivers and telling people about there career's. I intend to do a few more, but next will be Lewis Hamilton.
    4. Masanari
      I have found a couple of amazing videos of/from the ISS. Thy are on The Bigger Picture thread. <ok>

    5. cosicave
      Done! Space cleared and old messages discarded.

      My thanks to the_roadie!
    6. the_roadie
      the problem that westie advised you of on 19th June has reared its ugly head again !
      Time for a spot of spring-cleaning in the old Inbox, old chap !!
      Cheers - the_roadie
    7. Chris 13
      Chris 13
      Pope John XXIII in fact - I've left it there a long time now - I tend to prefere shorter motivational quotations but this one I particularly liked.
    8. McFerrari
      Thanks! Indeed it is great to once again to have quality debate with the 606 members. When I first joined over 4 years ago it was never as bad as it got. Like yourself my contribution declined greatly in the last year or so. The closing down of that site was probably the best thing to happen to it. Awful wummery and even worse moderation.
    9. McFerrari
      Hello cosicave! Forgot to say hello to you on the thread I posted earlier. Good to see a name I recognise from the old days!
    10. cosicave
      Hi Bando!

      No! Sorry. I don't have the time to do a decent job of it and I'm not sufficiently motivated by history, unlike Anthony Davidson and especially Karun Chandhok who is very good at F1 trivia indeed!

      However, if anyone would like to take on the task, I'd be more than happy to read every word and learn something!

      Thanks for your message and apologies for this particular failing of mine.
    11. El_Bando
      Hello Mr Cave.
      I note you have passed the 1000 post mark. Will you be celebrating with a quiz as is tradition?

    12. cosicave
      What? Again? !! I just did 20 minutes ago! Blimey&#8230;

    13. WestCoastBoogaloo
      You apparently need to clear some space in your inbox Cosi!
    14. cosicave
      Hahaha! Thanks Canary!
      Sometimes it's best to just step aside and let someone punch thin air isn't it? I usually see it coming a bit sooner though!

      How's your team doing? - Keeping their lowland heads above the broad waters I hope?
    15. DHCanary
      Hi cosi, just thought I'd quickly say I could clearly do with taking a few lessons from you with regards other users on the wind up. Your approach seems to work far better than my (perhaps stubborn) arguing. Thanks for improving the forum!
    16. cosicave
      Super Chrome eh? Cool. :) Was that your 606 name? It kind of rings a bell. It's so long since I was there I can't remember for sure but I really appreciate your friendly greeting. Very kind of you to say hello like this.

      And yes, you're right about membership. When I arrived here a couple of months back there were only a handful of regulars - a high percentage of whom easily qualified under the WUM tag!

      Stick around; things are improving rapidly.
    17. Super Chrome McLarens
      Super Chrome McLarens
      Hello mate, remember you from 606. Just joined this forum today, very well set up, still not enough F1 members for a proper tear up yet though!
    18. WestCoastBoogaloo
      You're too kind ol' boy!

      Sorry I've not been around much right after making contact but I've had a seriously busy couple of weeks; decided to "up sticks" and move to Bath to be with the girlfriend so I've been trying to find a new job and save some cash in the mean time.

      So, what did we think of Malaysia?

      Positives -

      Good to see McLaren oh so nearly getting pole
      Jenson got a podium
      Some really close racing (attacking and defending)
      Heidfeld getting a podium
      One of the Lotus's having a faster lap than a Torro Rosso!

      Negatives -

      It was almost a little difficult to keep up with due to the many pit stops
      I was hoping for maybe a little bit of rain just to spice things up but that's a very minor point
      Vettel doing his "look I'm in the best car" winning thing again!

      Also, gong back to the positives, I'm very much enjoying this post race analysis thing that Brundle is doing.

      Anyway, I hope you are well!

    19. cosicave
      Great to hear from you Westy!

      It's seriously good to hear from one of the best forum members I have ever known. No exaggeration.

      I understand your concerns about this forum but I believe it will continue to improve over the next few weeks and months. I am also active elsewhere in some other UK fora when I get chance.
    20. WestCoastBoogaloo
      Hi Cosi,

      I hope you are well. I noticed your name on here so I thought I'd come say hello. I decided to stop using Muzz not long after you left - I was very unhappy about what had happened and the circumstances surrounding it.

      I wasn't going to join here as I feared it would be just the same as the dark side, but after watching the racing this weekend I couldn't help myself!

      I have a (relatively) new job so I don't have as much time as I used to, hopefully I'll speak to you soon though.

      All the best...

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