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May 19, 2022
Feb 14, 2011
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The North West

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May 19, 2022
    1. RoadRunner
      Thanks for the rep fix-up mate, twas a bit of a weird thing to happen although I have noticed it happening to a few people as of late. In any case, thanks again :D <ok>
    2. Stevi555
      Merry Christmas bud and wish a Happy New Year to the family mate. Soon be set for testing and go go go all over again..yeehaa..;-) Have a good 1 BLS.
    3. Stevi555
      Nipped onto the site bud so thought id pop in here
      and say a quick hi. Hell of a season eh. Been enjoying it although have had to get the bro to stick Skygo on my phone for the races not shown on the BBC. It's not too bad but im glad i never took out sky because other than a few broadcasts on the F1channel outside practice quali and raceday, its pants. Anyway hope your good mate,have a good 1.
    4. MikeyC
      Thank's, I think I'm a bit out of my depth, but u run a good board here (the f1 sectiion I mean).
    5. Super Sebastian
      Super Sebastian

      A neutron walked into a bar and ordered a beer, he went to pay and the bartender said: For you, no charge!
    6. EternalMSC
      No thanks :)
    7. EternalMSC
      If you close the thread, you might as well delete it.
    8. EternalMSC
      Hiya pal, can you check out my new thread, the bottom half of the comments seem to be getting a bit personal, I would like to debate cleanly, instead of replying I came to you.
    9. Jarel258
      Thanks for the warm welcome! The forum seems well designed and has a good bunch of people to discuss the best sport on the world! :)
    10. RoadRunner
      Hey can you let me know what I got for the sweepstakes? I can't seem to find out.
    11. RoadRunner
      Methinks he may have forgotten. Either that or he hasn't been on here lately. <confused>
    12. RoadRunner
      Hey mate, do you know what's going on with the banner being changed? It' been a while, so I just thought I should bring it up. Cheers
    13. Nazara
      cheers for the reply on my random message to my myself lol
      anyway what up with Cowboys From Hell, his posts seem rather aggressive and malicious
    14. BrightLampShade
      Wow, that message will help his situation
    15. Delete Me
      Delete Me
      **** knows, it's obviously because of Lewis crashing and pretty much ending his WDC chances, so he has flipped finally
    16. Prime Minister Cameron
      Prime Minister Cameron
      You deserve to get banned! I will get you banned one day and I know I am LewisWDC but this is my mission and you will get banned(Forza Ferrari i am talking to but i send this to mods of f1 board and my eneimes). I will make life hell on the F1 Forum here so tell the mods. Ban my IP i dont care I will keep changing it and call my friends to flood the sites with multi accounts post spam on F1 Forum send abusive message to forza and wakka and brightlampshde i will get you i will be abnned but i will make life hell! so beware because i will make new account soon! You little **** why you call me ****** i am angry little **** i will get you removed of mod place and banned for 50 years!!!
    17. Kyle?
      I'm not that keen on having messages on the board. It makes it look cluttered and messy.
    18. RoadRunner
      Cheers for not having a go at me on the sweepstakes thing. Appreciate it :D
    19. EternalMSC
      Just wondering why I lost 58 experience points out of nowhere another user alerted me to this lol :P
      Lost it on the 11/08/2011, 07:17 ....
    20. Nick HCAFC
      Nick HCAFC
      Well done mate, its just shocking to me that they have done this and I don't believe that they couldn't save the money elsewhere, unless covering two weeks of Olympics has screwed them that badly, think its time the licence fee is rethought as I will be paying the BBC for nothing in future- also I don't know any of my buddies who follow F1 who say they are going to get Sky as a result of this, farce really, oh well will enjoy the rest of the season then see what happens I guess.
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