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Jun 12, 2017
Jan 26, 2011
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Jun 12, 2017
    1. Enricky.
      That Futsal goal #GoodShit!
    2. danilo.
      You asked about Alen Halilovic - well it's a bit of a weird question.

      He's 16. And playing for a regional giant. So he's obviously a talent.

      However, Dinamo are a good club who used to regularly make wonderkids. Unfortunately, their business model ignores development for money (even small amounts) and as such 95% of these rising superstars fall off the face of the earth and never make it. They've had tens of youngsters like that, hyped up to be amazing. The problem is that they get sold to teams in Azerbeijan or Kazakhstan or wherever for a quick few hundred thousand euros.

      He's probably going to have an ok career, he's not glittering with flair or the smartest player out there. Maybe he'll get rapidly better depending on what club he goes to.
    3. SKY+
      Series 4 is probably the best TV series ever made (although I did like Hamsterdam!)- Plenty of new characters and with an education system theme to it in S4.

      Absolute genius TV.
    4. SKY+
      Bother M visited Avon in the Barbers and basically said unless he gives up Stringer (for plotting for Omar to kill brother M in the motel) then Avon will be another one for the Chinese cemetery!

      Stringer also wanted Avon gone as he was becoming a liability for Stringers new business approach. Plus the D'Angelo and Avon's family stuff.

      What series and episode are you on now?
    5. SKY+
      You're right Bluff - this scene is incredible considering the plot. It's such a clever scene as they are reminiscing over being best friends, although they are both plotting to kill each other - HBO at it's finest.


      The quote :
      Stringer Bell - "you know I don't take my work too seriously"
      Avon Barksdale - "Thats right - It's just business"

      Then the stare by Stringer towards Avon <yikes>

      FFS - I could watch this show over and over again!
    6. SKY+
      Hahaha it's funny seeing Rawles sitting quietly in the gay bar - I wasn't expecting it but it did make me chuckle!
    7. SKY+
      I take it you like it then - told ya you would<ok>

      The end of series 3 is amazing, and season 4 is probably even better. I noticed you said recently you didn't have time to watch it!! Once you start it's impossible to stop, you being a prime example of that <laugh>

      For me it makes The Sopranos look like a soap opera and The Wire is next level (although admittedly The Sopranos is very good)
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