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Jun 16, 2018
Jan 4, 2012
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Jun 16, 2018
    1. Meelk
      [thumbs up smiley]
    2. goldie
      Give me the details to enter the dream team please my friend
    3. J J McClure
      J J McClure
      Dude how you doing?
    4. shogs
      That's so kind of you Tash but I don't swing that way so the kisses aren't needed.
    5. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      Hey Tash, just wondering if you are at all curious about who your player of the year is according to your post-game scores? I could easy calculate it for you, here's a taster at the moment:

      Our top 5 players who have played 7 games or more (with MOTM getting double-score... obviously I'd compile two after the Arsenal game, one with one without this bonus):
      1. Colo 10.30
      2. Anita 8.17
      3. Santon 7.64
      4. Willo 7.27
      5. Tiote 7.44

      All these players have been boosted at some point by MOTM. Without it would be a lot tighter. Colo for instance has an average rating of 7, Santon goes to 6.57.

      If you're not interested fair enough, but I think it's quite revealing!
    6. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Where did you get my pic from?
    7. Bob Fleming
      Bob Fleming
      Tash where did you get my photo from ?
    8. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      If you say so.
    9. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      I've defended you quite a bit lately but you seem to enjoy treading on thin ice.

      You've been told before about your off topic and racist threads/comments and if you don't talk football, post that kind of **** on GC or it'll be moved there and you may have a holiday at the same time.
    10. LTF
      Now, Now Tash, you do know the high regard i have for you, you keep the forum ticking in the quiet times, and I have absolutely no idea what it is you keep calling everyone, a fat ****, I use the no swearing filter, :biggrin:
    11. J J McClure
      J J McClure
      I applaud you Mr T.
    12. Katmandu
      How about a truce? I apologise for being an arsehole and hope we can get along as it would be better.
    13. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      Want to form a support group for apple-sauce induced spanking of ostriches? We'll cry on each others shoulders, watch the Little Mermaid, spank some ostriches with some apple sauce...

      See I need help... Can I count you in?
    14. J J McClure
      J J McClure
      You and your freaky pics! Lollollollol keep up the good work!
    15. KooPeeArr
      What an odd thing to say.

      I wouldn't do that in the office - it might get me in trouble.
    16. Rafa's Championship Party
      Rafa's Championship Party
      Please say that your not on the drink again <laugh>.
    17. J J McClure
      J J McClure
      Welcome mate. I have a special Dyson which removes all sign of scum.
    18. J J McClure
      J J McClure
      Your room has been cleaned today by ACS.
      Please feel free to leave rep as a thank you.;)
    19. J J McClure
      J J McClure
      I see that imposter **** is now banned. ****er.
    20. 666 Tash 666
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