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  1. The 83rd Minute
    The 83rd Minute
    If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?
  2. The 83rd Minute
    The 83rd Minute
    If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?
  3. The 83rd Minute
    The 83rd Minute
    If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?
  4. Gone For A Walk
    Gone For A Walk
    #AllamOut #BackInAmber #WeWillBeBack
  5. Hung,Drawn and Quartered
    Hung,Drawn and Quartered
    Fortiter Defendit Triumphans
  6. Ste D
    Ste D
    I walk through walls, I float down the Liffey
  7. LeedsLover
    LeedsLover ellandback
    Hey'up Ell,

    Can you please cancel my account as I will no longer be participating on it.

    Just like to say thanks to you personally for all the hard work you put in, in helping make the forum a good one.


    1. ellandback
      Look LL, a lot of your comments are valid but the way you put them across makes you look almost far right. Just calm it down a bit
      Jul 31, 2020
  8. Makemstine Roger
    Makemstine Roger Sandy Camel
    hi sandy for me to send money to your account by bank transfer i need your details iban and bic codes and name, when i send money to my son its in his bank account in 20 mins example my dutch account one is INGBA ££££££££££££ p#account no.... iban identifies the bank bic code identifies the local branch and your account number and obviously account holders name if you need to email my its [email protected]
  9. look_back_in_amber
    RIP Filey, I’ll miss you mate.
  10. Kempton
    Every day is a good day.
  11. vinkel
    vinkel syd hutchinson
    Never expected to see you here
  12. Darren Peacock's Ponytail
    Darren Peacock's Ponytail
    Mike Ashley is still a ****. So is Steve Bruce and until approved Richard Masters
  13. Darren Peacock's Ponytail
    Darren Peacock's Ponytail
    Mind Ashley is still a ****
  14. NewbaldTiger
    Am in hospital at moment but myeloma seems under control but playing havoc with the kidneys so been in since wed .Thanks for asking though.
  15. Ric Glasgow
    Ric Glasgow NewbaldTiger
    How are you keeping mate? Hope you are well.
  16. johngalleyfan2
  17. Viva_Giggsy
    Viva_Giggsy Red Hadron Collider
    You are a miserable scouse murderer sorry i ment ****
  18. Hong Kong Saint II
    Hong Kong Saint II ChilcoSaint
    Hi ChilcoSaint, Hong Kong Saint here.
    Can you help?
    I forgot my password months ago, have gone through the ‘forgot password’ routine millions of times, but every time it tells me I’ve been sent an email to reset my password I’ve received nothing.
    I’ve mailed not606 directly - no reply.
    I’ve tried to register with a new email and this new id, but haven’t received confirmation.
    Is it me!? Can you help!!??
    1. ChilcoSaint
      Have asked admin. Please communicate by PM rather than writing on my profile!
      Jun 19, 2020
  19. Ric Glasgow
    Ric Glasgow originallambrettaman
    I'd like my account closed.Your forum is populated by left wing idiots whose answer to any debate is 'nazi','racist',etc etc etc and you don't judge things equally either.
    1. originallambrettaman
      Sorry, only just seen this. We delete political posts only, if makes no difference if they're left or right, you were temporarily removed from one thread for your daft argument with Ben, who was also removed. We just tidy up. We also can't close accounts, people who no longer want to post, simply stop posting. <ok>
      Jun 23, 2020
  20. davy
    Lefty Snowflake