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  1. The Chaser going for #55
  2. Beware of the Virus
    Beware of the Virus
    Viruses are everywhere
  5. petersaxton
  6. Dell1964
    Dell1964 - Doing The Lambert Walk
    Cheers for detail on stream linkage info.
    I'm currently (temporarily, I hope) house-bound, so being able to sit watching the live Burnley v Saints feed was terrific ~ thanks!
    Shame the result was so dire though.
  7. Uber_Hoop
    Going under... (cover me).
  8. Kempton
    Kids for a quid!
  9. Ben 10
    Ben 10
    He who hingeth aboot, getteth heehaw
  10. Chibearman!19
    Chicago bears for life!
  11. DPP says Mike Ashley=C*NT
    DPP says Mike Ashley=C*NT
    Mike Ashley is a ****
  12. heisenburg
    Gentleman & Assassin
  13. Qatartiger Cambridgetiger
    Qatartiger Cambridgetiger Geo10
    Thinking of you mate. Hope it's ok to send this.
  14. Posintilclosin
    Posintilclosin City1904
    Hi. Are you an IFA/Adviser in the Manchester/Lancashire area?
  15. Geordie lass in the Fen
    Geordie lass in the Fen
    Waiting just waiting ...........................................
  16. benditlikeabanana
    benditlikeabanana I Sorry I Ruined The Party
    Just to say that I enjoyed your response, we can have different views, just makes the world more interesting. I hope you have a good summer
  17. West WindsR
  18. Iptvpaul
    Newcastle fan footy fan mad crazy on darts and cricket. Mad gambler
  19. Blue and White
    Blue and White C. Kane
    Where's the cave please?
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  20. Kempton
    Boil a couple of eggs, mix some curry powder into mayo, put it on the eggs. No need to thank me.