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  1. kevloaf
    Spying for the Fat Jockeys....
  2. Girt Bucket
    Girt Bucket originallambrettaman
    I Want You To Delete My User Account Please.
  3. RRoberts
    Welwyn saint
  4. Ben 10
    Ben 10
    Has that bastard given in yet Dennis?
  5. StanDMan
    Thank you & Adios
  6. moreinjuredthanowen
    Let’s enjoy the moment, let’s enjoy the ride, as much as possible and let’s go for everything. We don’t set limits for us.
  7. TempleofBlue
    Retired for awhile
  8. JonnyLosAngeles
    I'm back, missed the good conversation here.
    PISKIE Burly Hurley
    God bless ya Burly xx
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  10. timatoketchup
  11. Sidthemackem
    Sidthemackem Burly Hurley
    Rest in peace, fellah. You were a good bloke. :(
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  12. Joex..
    **** off, nowt to see here so as you were.. <ok>
  13. Deleted
    Deleted Frank The Tank
    Seriously, don’t worry, it’s cool.
  14. JonnyLosAngeles
    If you were right, I might agree with you!
  15. cosicave
    cosicave Quite Possibly Raving
    You present your points well and your opinions are valid.
    Please contribute to the F1 forum more often!
  16. fredor
    fredor Commachio
    How does it feel Comm, knowing as you must by now that you were completely out of your depth , try to learn something from the experience
  17. baraettmattesvensson
    The lonely alcoholic horny man child
  18. PISKIE
  19. PISKIE
    PISKIE Hoddle Is A God
    You wanna take this outside ? <laugh>
    1. Hoddle Is A God
      Hoddle Is A God
      Nov 26, 2018
  20. mallafets123
    mallafets123 dylanthomas
    can you send me that info regarding the firestick as well Dylan? cheers.