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  1. Tiote's Stare
    Tiote's Stare
    Always have a cunning plan....
  2. Tamerlo
    Tamerlo Reebok
    Hello, Ian. I’ve seen your comment that you’re due for a big operation. I hope it’s not life threatening, although every major surgery can be. I wish you all the best, Ian, and pray for your speedy recovery.
    Kind regards to you and your family.
  3. Posintilclosin
    Posintilclosin Howdentiger2
    Thought a pm would be better than a forum. I have a fintech looking to sell shares. They have set up the system and have absorbed all the startup costs They are raising money to launch. Plan is bought out/ipo within 3 years. Brilliant USP caught my eye. Happy to send info by email if your happy to share that with me. My email is [email protected] I have others which may be of interest
  4. Daydream Believer
    Daydream Believer
    Ha'way Ha'way Ha'way
  5. Oregon Tiger
    Oregon Tiger
    Real stupity beats artificial intelligence every time.
  6. QuarterMoonIII
    Just about surviving
  7. QuarterMoonIII
    The Second (or Third?) Coming
  8. Here we go again
    Here we go again Zidane
    You seeking #cans clarification
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    Live Today. You Never Know What Tomorrow Brings.
  10. Miacommunity
    Hello to all!
  11. Suhcfc
    Life is not about how you survive the storm, Its about how you dance in the rain. !!,
  12. Chief
    Just **** off
  13. Noble Structures
    Noble Structures
    basement construction
  14. intrasourcelimited
    Computer support and services
  15. Intertech Contracts
    Intertech Contracts
    Building industry including partitions, drylining, paining, decorating and all aspects of joinery.
  16. Eyeweb
    Web design, marketing, branding
  17. Blueflamingo UK
    Blueflamingo UK
    Web design / Web development / Marketing / Apps
  18. ouro
    Sick of it all.
  19. Cromercanary
    Hold your cursor over your user name at the top of the page and the option to change stuff is on a drop down menu.
  20. JediCanary
    JediCanary Cromercanary
    Hi Cromer, how do I update my details and change my email address on this site?