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  1. Kittenish
    Kittenish Eric Le Merde
    Happy Birthday Eric x
  2. SuckMyKlopp
  3. littleDinosaurLuke
    I met her at the Burger King
  4. PGFWhite
    PGFWhite Chief
    Closed down a thread because he lost the argument. ****ER <laugh>
  5. corinnehodges
    assure hair review
  6. littleDinosaurLuke
    All revved up and ready to go
    1. Ostensibly Recherché
      Ostensibly Recherché
      Dinosaurs never existed, mate
      Mar 5, 2018
  7. Inkblot
    Inkblot SuperChrissyisfantasticPardswasatrocious
    I expect you've been asked this many times, but here I am asking, why is your Avatar blurred?
  8. Fettis the striker
    Fettis the striker oldman
    You can find cheaper providers but some are poor and can be shut down at anytime , been using atlantis for the last year I buy a six month sub .
  9. Fettis the striker
    Fettis the striker oldman
    Hi sorry for the late reply only just seen your message check out atlantis iptv on twitter , they do free trials so you can give it a try , just had a look it’s actually £105 for a year but the quality is brilliant , every channel and box office you can think off and a very good video on demand section , can be played on a number of devices mine is played through my iPhone connected to the tv.
  10. Davy
  11. Davy
    Whateverthefuckyouyouthink is meaningless (sic)
  12. Davy
    Whateverthefuckyouyouthink is meaningless
  13. Davy
  14. Davy
    Whateverthefuckyouyouthink is meaningless
  15. jeffranger
  16. jeffranger
    Email address changed to
  17. The Chaser
    The Chaser tanktop16
    thnx 4 teh lyk
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  18. Technodj85
    Single and if you want to know more you need only ask.....MOT...
  19. Sharpe*
  20. Citygirl
    Hull City is for life and not just the Premier league