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  1. redcgull
    Only pat the baby when its asleep
  2. Darren Peacock's Ponytail
    Darren Peacock's Ponytail
    Just Steve Bruce to **** off
  3. LiamO
  4. BillysStatue
    Second Season Syndrome is a MYTH!
  5. BackFromBeyond
    BackFromBeyond TheSecondStain
    You should come back and post TSS, you're missed :)
  6. MaccaNowt
    Can you feel the tension? I can. I can feel down in my plums. Getting a nice, bluish hue.
  7. MaccaNowt
    Can you feel the tension?I can. I can feel down in my plums. Getting a nice, bluish hue.
  8. BrisTiger
    BrisTiger balkan tiger
    First time I've tried posting to another member so hope this is a private message. In regards to the Cottingham Pools winner could you be referring to Dickie Wedgewood. I used to live a couple of doors from him in The Close when he won the Pools.
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    2. The Arnhem Bridge
      The Arnhem Bridge
      This isn't private. It is interesting, though.
      Aug 9, 2021
    3. World Wide Web Wyyzrd
      World Wide Web Wyyzrd
      Sounds funny.
      Aug 23, 2021
  9. DiogoJotaSuper
    Shaqiri Must Go 1
  10. DiogoJotaSuper
    Shaqiri Must Go!.
  11. gelders pie
    gelders pie flandersmackem
    Hi . Not committing , but may do depending on time it takes. How long does it take you to check scores ? I 've played about with a spreadsheet which will produce all the players' scores immediately upon inputting the actual results. Downside is it requires all predictions to be inputted into it, of course needn't be done all at once , just as they submit. Let me know and I'll have a think !
  12. Uber_Hoop
  13. Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson
    "I'm a simple man. I like dark haired women and breakfast food"
  14. Uber_Hoop
    A happy corpse
  15. World Wide Web Wyyzrd
    World Wide Web Wyyzrd originallambrettaman
    Hey dude, can you help me with something?
  16. LiamO
    Trapped in Turkey
  17. Jedi-Canary
    Hi Cromer Unfortunately due to a problem I've had with my laptop I have had to recreate another account as I had forgoten my password for my 1st Jedicanary & had since changed email address since I first sinced up but Not606 did not have my new email address, so to clear any confusion Jedi-Canary is JediCanary but with a - inbetween Jedi & Canary, it is still the same person, not a new member.
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      Jun 1, 2021
  18. Scott Senft
    Scott Senft
    Personal Injury Attorney
  19. 0adbylad1
    Retired old git
  20. SaintStu
    Skiving from Home