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    1. Ian Thumwood
      Ian Thumwood

      Just noticed that someone had messed around with my orignal mssage on the "pie" thread Not sure who it was (although they are obviously a fan of "Withnail & I even if the action would suggest that they are notold enough to remember this film) but was unable to delete the adjustments.

      Assume that a moderator has now cleared the comment originally carried out to my initial message. Can you pass my thanks on to the Mod responsible.


    2. TampaBayBCFC

      I do follow the Bucs and have been to Raymond james which is a splendid facility. Really makes Ashton Gate look like the dump it is. Never been to Fratton but I think it's not much better than our gaff, right?

      Unfortunately Tampa is a pretty transient town - lots of military folks here due to Central Command for all US Military forces being located at MacDill Airforce Base in Tampa and also a lot of northeastern transplants. This results in pretty poor attendance at Bucs games - they are the only NFL team to not sell out home games and this results in TV blackouts of the games here in Tampa which sucks. We do see all away games live though.

      Why do you follow the Bucs? Most folks in the UK gravitate towards to the glory franchises - NY Giants, Dalls Cowboys, NE Patriots etc.
    3. NEBlue
      Hi Meowth - noticed from one of your previos posts you went to a chichester school, were 13 when the stains won the FA Cup and live in North End - all ditto for me. Which school High School or Luffa?

      NE Blue
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