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Mar 29, 2017 at 10:21 PM
    1. irishbluebird
      Hi Bluesheep.

      Could you settle a query please?

      In the Euro prediction league we can name a scorer from either team as opposed to the usual league where we predict a Cardiff player. So if someone had predicted Ciaran Clark to score in the Republic of Ireland v Sweden match would they get a point because, even though it was an own goal, he is credited as Sweden's goalscorer?

      Thank you.
      1. Blue Sheep
        Blue Sheep
        Technically yes, they would get a point for naming a scorer regardless of the side he scored for. However, this is quite an unlikely situation and I don't think it has occurred yet?!!

        Cheers Irish
        Jun 20, 2016
    2. danablu
      Hej Bluey here are my first predictions

      France 2 - 0 Romania

      Antoine Griezmann

      Albania 1 - 2 Switzerland

      Taulant Xhaka for Albania

      Admir Mehmedi for the Swiss
    3. BenHarrison
      Hi mate, just a quick Q as to why my post appears to have failed moderation? I know I included a link to an external site, but it's a spur for debate, and a debate I'd like to have on your boards. Definitely not intended to suck traffic away from your site.

    4. ellandback
      Bluesheep, vote for Minxy fella.... <ok>
    5. Castro
      Sorry mate, my last message sent twice
    6. The Exile
      The Exile
      Here's my prediction for tonight.

      Result – B'pool 2 – 2 Brum
      Goal Scorers – K Phillips, M Phillips – Nolan
      Yellow Card – B'pool 0 – 2 Brum Davies, Mutch
      Red Cards – 0 – 0 (No Red Cards)
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