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  1. Didley Squat
    Didley Squat
    I plan on doing squat today
  2. william5551
    Lives in the south of France.
  3. Digger The Dog
    Digger The Dog Sharpe*
    What you did to that wee boy was disgusting.
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    2. Odious Turd
      Odious Turd
      Is this venables m8!!!? <steam>
      Aug 11, 2017 at 2:05 PM
    3. Digger The Dog
      Digger The Dog
      that's what the data is pointing too buddy. guy thinks he can get away with what he did.
      Aug 11, 2017 at 2:09 PM
  4. Poolliver LallanaDelRey
  5. NotSoMightyEastbourneBoro
  6. norbellini
    norbellini miff33
    That was a suprise not expecting del shannon fans on here Got just about everything he did
  7. Jigsawklopp
    "Enough said"
  8. PattyNchips2
    I piss my panties, Im a typical City Fan
  9. Julian Edelman
    Julian Edelman petersaxton
    Hi Pete Can't find a way to attach the file
  10. englanddan
  11. louis211
    Reigning Champ...Big Boys Fantasy Football
  12. Sir Cheshire Ben
    Sir Cheshire Ben Girt Bucket
    You're a homophobic ****.

    A ****ing embarrassment to yourself

    Show some self respect, you're pathetic.
    1. Girt Bucket
      Girt Bucket
      Aw , L'll Bennie Blue Balls , Are You an abuser to. Was a nerve struck to your fragile constitution. Homophobe Eh. Im frankly not
      Jul 22, 2017
    2. Girt Bucket
      Girt Bucket
      Have you engaged in acts of love with another Man ? Itsan Abomination against God & the Purists are
      the only ones worth objecting to in their opinion. Hence your need to reach out to a fellow believer. Ben **** yourself you Simpleton.
      Jul 22, 2017
  13. fatletiss
  14. fatletiss
  15. kunye
    Still around have had health problems over the last few months but read our blogs regulary
  16. Truckguru
    Cargo services Vadodara, Logistics services, Transportation services Gujarat, Packers and Movers call on +91 7202045678 & +91 9724555991
  17. ----HistoryRepeating----
    Suddenly, the summer of 2014 doesn't seem that bad.........
  18. Des Head
  19. UTR's
  20. cronemeister
    cronemeister Hung,Drawn and Quartered
    I think I might have found some card mate, thank you so much for your offer. I'm gonna pop into town to have a look at the card now. If you could cut them out that would be absolutely amazing, I'll bring the template over with me as well. Can you drop me a text on 0xxxxxx2 and let me know where you are and i'll pop in to see if you can help me., cheers. Paul.