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  1. UTR's
  2. cronemeister
    cronemeister Hung,Drawn and Quartered
    I think I might have found some card mate, thank you so much for your offer. I'm gonna pop into town to have a look at the card now. If you could cut them out that would be absolutely amazing, I'll bring the template over with me as well. Can you drop me a text on 0xxxxxx2 and let me know where you are and i'll pop in to see if you can help me., cheers. Paul.
  3. Odious Turd
    Odious Turd
    Campbelltown loyal
  4. humanbeingincroydon
    So I finished Persona 5. Can anyone fill in the past six weeks for me?
  5. danablu
    danablu Blue Sheep
    Make or break time then Blue
    Reading 1 - 2 Fulham
    Sessegnon, Aluko
    1st scorer Grabban
    4 yellow Cards for match
    Sheffield Wednesday 1 - 0 Huddersfield
    4 yellow Cards for match
  6. Tobes
    Tobes Hoddle Is A God
    Rest in Peace Bruv
  7. Salvatore Conte
    Salvatore Conte Gambol
    Jew so banned ya harrow pleez
  8. danablu
    danablu Blue Sheep
    Cheers Bluey ,here are the results of the Danish Jury
    Fulham 2 - 1 Reading
    Aluko. Martin
    1st scorer Aluko
    2 yellow cards for the match
    Huddersfield 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday
    1st scorer Wells
    3 yellow cards for the match
  9. Odious Turd
    Odious Turd
    I just checked to see what status my status is in
  10. ScrumpyJack
  11. ScrumpyJack
    South London Born
  12. bluescull
    bluescull Blue Sheep
    Wednesday 2-1 Hudders
    Winnall. Mooy
    1st scorer Winnall
    Yellows 2-3
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  13. bluescull
    bluescull Blue Sheep
    Hi Sheep, my predictions are as follows.

    Fulham 3-1 Reading
    Ayite Kermogant
    1st scorer Ayite
    Yellows 2-3
    Huddersfield 1-1 Wednesday
    Wells. Forestieri
    1st. Scorer Wells
    Yellows 2-3
    Reading 2-2 Fulham.
    McCleary. Sessegnon
    Kermogant. Malone
    1st scorer Sessegnon
    Yellows 2-3
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  14. Albert's Chip Shop
  15. Bustino74
    Amateurish Breeding Enthusiast
  16. Plymborn
    70 Argyle fan.....too far gone to save now.
  17. Hip Priest
  18. humanbeingincroydon
    What do you mean Charlie Adam is the new United Airlines CEO?
  19. Uber_Hoop
    Experiencing re-entry...
  20. aberdeenhornet
    Leaving the forums sick to death of Nationalists and their constant anti British rhetoric always love watford but will always hate Nazis.
    1. Scan
      well said watp
      Apr 21, 2017