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  1. oldman
    oldman southerntiger
    Might have 2 tickets available for Spiders gig if you're still interested, PM me to progress.
  2. Farsleyexile
  3. Dorty Mag
    Dorty Mag General Lee Speaking
    I'm a self-employed layabout, General!
  4. BillysStatue
    what a season so far
  5. BillysStatue
    Very grateful for Monk's contribution ... aka HappyClappy, BombasticBilly, DumbCnut, StupidFcukwit, BlindFaithBilly, GlorySupporter
  6. wishiwasinliverpool
    How dare you? I'm not that kind of gal!
  7. The Shouting Man
  8. Qatartiger Cambridgetiger
    Qatartiger Cambridgetiger HFFP
    Hi fella. I can't get your link to work. I don't have allot of cash but I want to send something. I for one think what you are doing is amazing and a brave thing to do. I'm sorry i can't send much. All the best for the future and take care, hope things sort themselves out quickly.
    1. HFFP
      I've sent you a message, top right corner (envelope). Thank you
      Mar 3, 2017
  9. jeffranger
    Married with 3 children & have 5 grandchildren
  10. Milk #25 not yet named
  11. saintrichie123
    Stuart Burt should have gone to specsavers :(
  12. NowsufferinginSpain
    You're all ****s.,
  13. Arnold_Lane_HCFC_
    I was not born in 1979. I am much, much, much older.
  14. spesupersydera
    Not only do I not know what's going on, I wouldn't know what to do about it if I did.
  15. ForestHillBilly
  16. BigFox
    Still keeping the faith
  17. God's cock
    God's cock
    England: Love it or leave it.
  18. gas
  19. Tina.
    Off you fûck.
  20. CITYfiley
    CITYfiley Evington
    N5 row z next to away fans
    Also go out for crafty smoke at half time