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  1. Tramore Ranger
    Tramore Ranger Belfasthoop
    Belfast, Check your PM's mate, I need 2 random games for the prediction league this weekend. If i don't hear from you by lunchtime tomorrow I'll choose them and you can choose the random games to go with the midweek game at Newcastle next Wednesday.


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  3. Bustino74
    Amateurish Breeding Enthusiast
  4. Ginger Marks
  5. Uber_Hoop
  6. Joe..
  7. Blueman
    Blueman StanDMan
    Hi mate. As I said on the forum, I was pissing about. Nothing meant by it mate. I apologise if I offended you.
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    2. StanDMan
      Mate, none taken <ok>
      Jan 12, 2017 at 2:58 PM
  8. pud
    Alive ...just
  9. billythejizz
  10. SpursDisciple
    SpursDisciple AshfordGill
    Missed you on the Prediction League this year. Hope all is ok.
    1. AshfordGill
      Thanks all ok here, just fell out of love with the game for a while first time I have logged in for a while due to events at Priestfield this week - Good luck tonight hope you stuff them
      Jan 4, 2017
  11. Ginger Marks
    Ginger Marks Saintsfan08
    You're a bell end # bottler
  12. Big Ern McCracken
    Big Ern McCracken
    One More Time Sweetness
  13. Wooperts_duck
  14. Farsleyexile
    Farsleyexile ellandback
    Hi Matt lad,you may have seen my post when I got pissed off with the constant gayboy remarks.I am not a fag,can take a joke but posters were going ott
    Hence I wont be posting,just watching and voting on scores.You do a great job lad and love the morning posts you do.I think you know who pisses me off!
    Regards Farsleyexile
    1. ellandback
      Hey Farsley. Hope you had a good Christmas. Unfortunately pal football banter especially on social media always tends to attack peoples sexuality. If you look, I get it most days.
      Jan 1, 2017
    2. ellandback
      Do they mean it - No!

      Is it annoying and tedious - Yes.

      Does anyone actually take it seriously - Absolutely NOT..

      Farsley, you are a highly valued member of our forum, and we certainly don't want to lose you.

      My best advice is, ignore it, I do.

      Nobody actually takes that seriously.

      Rise above it.
      Jan 1, 2017
  15. Dorty Mag
    Dorty Mag commachio1
    All the best for 2017 mate!
  16. durbar2003
    durbar2003 Tramore Ranger
    I just wanted to add your post at least some here are trying to score unlike the QPR team! :-)
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    2. Tramore Ranger
      Tramore Ranger
      Dec 26, 2016
  17. hull lad
    hull lad originallambrettaman
    hi i was chatting to you about lambretta and trojan clothes. you said if i was going to order something you would give me a coupon after 3 womans polo shirts.if the offer still stands could i have a code please
    1. originallambrettaman
      Sorry, I only just spotted this, most things on the site are now half price or less, just go to
      Jan 7, 2017
    2. hull lad
      hull lad
      yes i ordered some ladies polo shirts at full price then got email saying i would get them at sale price. sorted saved £45 so i bought myself some jeans,cheers
      Jan 8, 2017
  18. Blueman
    Blueman Chief
    Hi Chief. Look mate, I want to bury the hatchet and stop the crap that sometimes goes on between us. You up for it?
  19. Uber_Hoop
    Being an arse
  20. RRoberts
    Welwyn saint